Vista Color is aware of the challenges facing our planet and we are committed to doing our part when it
comes to building a sustainable future for our company and our planet.

To begin, we are proudly affiliated with – and are certified by – the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and
the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). These organizations have a collective goal of making sure that responsible forestry standards are followed during paperboard production.

We are constantly taking steps in our manufacturing process to do just that. Whether it is using environmentally friendly inks to water soluble coatings, or reducing supply chain touchpoints, or using recyclable paperboard when the customers ask for it. If it is using fewer chemicals within our printing process. If it is recycling more of our paper waste after the packaging has been cut. We have made a long-term commitment to reducing our footprint and taking care of our home, planet Earth.


When Vista Color talks about constant improvement, one of the ways we do that is by joining and participating in a variety of industry groups. Whether they are groups related to a part of the packaging industry or business in general – it has helped our company for the better. Being members of associations has assisted us in industry insight, learning best practices, and validation for the systems we have put in place already. Here some of the associations we are a part of now.


There’s an idea called conscious capitalism which is a way of thinking about capitalism and the potential of business to make a positive impact on the world. Businesses that practice conscious capitalism serve, align and integrate the interests of all the major stakeholders to create a world of freedom, harmony, prosperity and compassion. Vista Color has practiced this philosophy since the company was founded. Internally, our corporate culture fosters an atmosphere of honesty, transparency, and approachability.

We empower our entire team to make the right decisions and constantly grow together as a team. We as a company treat every member of our team with dignity and respect. Every member of this organization is part of a family; it is a family business after all. Externally, over our fifty years in existence, we have given to multiple social causes. As well as participating in multiple acts of charity within our own community in South Florida. Our mission is to sustainably produce high quality packaging. To support and revitalize our community, as well as lead our country by example. Towards fulfilling the potential that we all possess.