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Since 1968, Vista Color® has been a trendsetter in the graphic arts industry. With its past deeply rooted in high quality printing, Vista Color® has evolved into an industry leader specializing in folding cartons. We serve many diverse industries, including pharmaceutical, food and private label. In addition, our highly skilled and customer focused staff provides the stability and flexibility customers demand. Our strategy is to partner with our customers and become an extension of their business by providing a complete manufacturing solution all under one roof.

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Our legacy is one of over 46 years and two generations in business. As you enter our brand new climate controlled 85,000 sq. ft. facility, you can see and feel the difference.

The Full Package

  • Graphic and Structural Design
  • Sheeting / Printing
  • Tooling / Cutting
  • Folding / Gluing

Quality Systems

Strict cGMPs, traceability, accountability and documentation through out the entire process. We do 100% barcode inspection and glue verification guaranteeing quality and consistency every time.


Discover what the right packaging can do for your business.


Products & Services

In today’s competitive market the right packaging is more important than ever. We don’t just make boxes. We offer full graphic and structural design using Artios CAD. We make samples and full color prototypes, guaranteeing structural integrity for high speed automated packaging machines. We partner with our brand holders to reduce product launch time and improve speed to market.

We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail. The quality of our work is unparalleled.

Private Label
Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical
Food & Confectionary
Health and Beauty

Give your product that extra edge to stand out amongst the competition.



Equipment List

Vista Color’s on-site equipment creates a streamlined workflow to guarantee fast turnaround and lead times.

In order to manufacture an excellent product, Vista Color invests only in highly innovative and top-of-the-line equipment, including, Heidelberg, Bobst, and Jagenberg. Through each production step, Vista Color requires redundancies in machines to ensure no downtime. Again, the importance of having every part of the production including all equipment in-house, allows complete control of every step in ensuring the line to be properly maintained and in optimum working order. Vista Color’s on-site equipment is the only way to offer customers a streamlined workflow to guarantee fast turnaround and lead times.

Structural Design

  • ArtiosCad – Packaging CAD Software
  • Impact – Packaging Design and Manufacturing Software
  • Esko Kongsberg XE Sample Maker
  • Windows Work stations

Pre-press & Direct-To-Plate

  • Kodak Magnus 800 Plate Setter
  • 5 Macintosh workstations
  • Kodak Spotless Printing Solution
  • Staccato & Conventional screening
  • ESKO WebCenter


  • Epson 9900 Stylus Pro
  • Epson 9880 Digital Color Proofer (Matchprint)
  • Epson 9800 Content Proofer

Management Information System

  • EFI Radius

Die Cutting

  • 2 Bobst Expertcut 106 PER
  • Masterwork 106 ER Blanker


  • Maxson Sheeter 42″ x 56″ with tri slitters


  • Heidelberg XL 106, seven color plus dual coaters hybrid U.V., High Pile with logistics and color control.

Die Making & Tooling

  • Gerber: Automatic Rule Bender
  • Preco Laser Wood Burner
  • Easy bend rule bender
  • Helmold Notchers
  • Helmold Rulecuter
  • Helmold Mitre Notcher


  • 2 Bobst Expert Fold 110 Gluers with barcode readers & glue verification systems
  • Jagenberg Model Diana D-94-1 folder/gluer, with barcode verifiers
  • Logicom glue verification systems
  • International Window Patcher (Max Blank 29″x39″)

Source Tagging

  • Label Aire Applicators
  • Sensormatic Checkpoint
  • Tape Applicators

*Full equipment list is available upon request.


Vista Color is seriously committed to a better tomorrow by creating and maintaining innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce our carbon foot print.



Vista Color is committed to building a sustainable future, and regularly supports initiatives that promote the responsible use of our natural resources. We’ve implemented technologies that have significantly reduced our carbon footprint throughout the last ten years and we will continue to search for ways to continue this highly important initiative.

Here are some ways we have achieved this:

Inks and Coatings

Vegetable oil based inks and water based coatings.




Re-use and recycle press solvents using new in-house technologies, reducing waste by 85%.


All paper and aluminum waste is recycled.


Digital proofing eliminating traditional proofing chemicals.


Paperboard used is 100% recyclable.

Vista Color believes that a good corporate citizen leads by example.

It’s because of this philosophy that we are an active part of our community. We continually look for ways to be supporters of organizations and events that strengthen our city. Vista Color has sponsored local arts and educational events, donated equipment and supplies to local schools and supported law enforcement and civic organizations. See some of our stories in our section titled, In the News.


The Heart of Vista Color

Our brand new 85,000 sq/ft state-of-the-art facility is located in the heart of sunny Miami Florida.


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